Danish-Arab Partnership Programme

”Training of trainers”, July 2011. Hala (left) from Palestine and Abdrahman from Egypten.  Photo: MS
”Training of trainers”, July 2011. Hala (left) from Palestine and Abdrahman from Egypten. Photo: MS

The Danish-Arab Partnership Programme (DAPP) is Denmark’s collaboration project with the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) focusing on reform and democratization. The programme strengthens dialogue, partnerships and mutual understanding between Denmark and the MENA region.

The Danish government took the launched the programme in 2003 to support the reform and democratization processes in the Middle East and North Africa (the MENA region), and simultaneously strengthen the dialogue with the Arab world through the Danish-Arab partnerships. The starting point was the development goals which UNDP’s Arab Human Development Report from 2002 had identified as crucial to the region’s development. The initiative has since been at the center of Danish foreign policy concerning the relationship with the MENA region.

After the historic upheavals in the MENA region the populations today have a real belief that their desire to live in a democracy with dignity, justice and economic development is within reach. In this context Denmark decided to take responsibility and raised the contribution to the Danish-Arab Partnership Programme, which since 2012 has had an overall annual limit of 275 million DKK.

A new strategic framework for DAPP has also been adapted to the new conditions in the region. In addition to building on the existing and important partnerships between Arab and Danish organizations, that are working together to strengthen human rights, media and women’s position in society among other things, the framework also contains support for direct democracy efforts as well as to efforts that can create job opportunities in both the short and long term. This focus has been added in recognition of the fact that the weak economy and massive unemployment will be a hindrance for the successful democratic transition processes in countries such as Egypt and Tunisia.

Another new focus area is on strengthening the cooperation between the EU and the Arab world through an increased Danish effort in the EU and other international organizations.

On this website you can read more in Danish and Arabic  about what the efforts are aimed at specifically in terms of activities and collaboration projects in the region. By keeping track of upcoming events in the calendar, you can meet visitors from the Arab partner organizations and participate in debates and other events organized through the Danish-Arab Partnership Programme.